Xtreem Power Dishwashing Lemon Liquid


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Xtreem Power Dishwashing Liquid 750ml and 5L

Keeping a Clean Office with Xtreem Janitorial Products. A clean work space benefits your productivity and makes a positive impression with co-workers and superiors alike. Regular office cleanings are sometimes overlooked as necessary. However, keeping a Clean Office is important. Just as regular spring cleanings are to the homes we live in. Employees spend much time in their offices. Would we not want them to be regularly cleaned? Offices and work places are shared spaces. Germs have easy transfer opportunity from space to space and person to person. Thus, the standard cleaning rotation is likely not enough to truly keep your office clean.

Power Dishwashing Liquid is a high sudsing ultra concentrated dish detergent generates rich “grease eating” suds that quickly cut through food soils. Contains special suspending agents to keep grease and soils from redepositing on dishes